Sunday, January 6, 2013

Creeping forward and seeing the good in people!

So this week feels like it has flown by. I realized  better log in to make a quick update before I already fail on the goal of blogging 2x a week for the year lol. I had a pretty hectic week with work at the school, re-opening my online business, keeping up with all the packages I had coming in either here or in Tampa, seeing a very good friend I had not seen since May along with our other best friend for a Girls Night Out, and spending time with my mother over in Tampa. 

I actually have knocked a few things off the list...well maybe not 100%. Perhaps one or two..I have to go back and look. I also am still working on adding a few things to the list. I had a very good experience at Olive Garden even though we were forgotten about with our reservation and today at Publix I had an amazing experience with not only the employees but a customer as well. I will update more about that in my next blog of seeing the good in people and praising them for it. It seems like more people do RAOK then you would realize. Even though most of those people may not know it while they are doing it. Sometimes it just happens without planning and that makes it even more beautiful and rewarding. Not only to be the person on the receiving end but I am sure that when people smile at customer service people or even strangers.MOST and I say most because I get weird looks sometimes.....getting a random smile or "Thank you" from someone can just brighten up your day and put a little skip in your step. (Names to remember when posting later: Rick, Crystal, Chuck, Alex-yes I can leave myself reminders, it is my blog lol)

I am making some big decisions this month. Some having to do with my goals listed here and some just to help go forward. I may have to change the name of the blog but for now my baby steps seem to be working. I already have received $10 in free gift card money, saved over $200 on stuff at Target plus more at Homegoods and Pier 1 Imports but of course I will get in to all that very soon. I have had many people tell me I need to teach them to shop. Trust me. I can. In due time. It is nearly midnight and I have to make the husband some lunch for work tomorrow and get ready for bed myself. I did not want to be all lack luster in meeting my challenge so this entry might be weak in a way of not performing like my normal upbeat thriving on all the action fun BUT it will prepare you for all the good stuff to come to find out how I am getting free stuff, discounts, and of course what freebies I am about to start getting! Hope January is treating all my friends well. 


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