Sunday, January 13, 2013

Progression starts with a list of goals

So I am clearly starting the journey for my list of 70 things to accomplish this year. 

I have 3 of 70 complete and 4 others started. 

Complete are number #1 Start blog, #16 Start Christmas shopping before November, and #17 Redo the pantry cabinet area. 

I configured my pantry in a way that makes it easy for me to use. The smaller one has a breakfast shelf, lunch snack and lunch items for the husband so he does not eat them when he is off work, a baking shelf, and a condiment shelf (All organized by expiration date) The very bottom is canned dog food and poweraide for the hubby. 

The larger pantry that I open multiple times a day is stocked by expiration as well but depending on how I organized it, I pull from the side or the bottom (top shelf lol). I put all side dishes like potatoes, rice, and pastas on top shelf. Then we have bagged sides, main pasta sauce, huge tub of sugar, and all cooking tools I use regularly. Next would be the canned items, broth, and rice (mostly used for home made dog food). We then have snack foods and a few more cooking essentials. Lower than that has snack foods that have not been opened, all our Lipton tea for homemade sweet tea, crackers, and lunch ramen for hubby when he is being lazy. Below that are any non perishable dinner kits and all my pastas. The final area which is the bottom has serving trays, wine stash, and we always keep a jug of water in case our county has a boil water ordinance for the dogs to have clean water before we can get to the store for more. 

It took me about an hour and twenty minutes to complete this task. I already feel more organized moving around the kitchen preparing dinner tonight. I wish I had more pantry space but of course until we move into a bigger house, this will have to do! 

The projects I already started working on but have yet to complete are #47 (Catch up on The Lying Game--I watched 2.5 episodes from last season last night on Netflix). #51 already selling on eBay again but a long way to go before I hit that goal, #57 and #58 the personal and joint spending. Yesterday I spent a few hours in my Quicken software lining up things the way I wanted so I can track every dollar as I go through the year. On top of that I did open up my savings tracker software sheet that lets me track how much I save compared to spending with clipped coupons or advertised savings. This is a great tool for me. At the end of the year I can see how much I spent on household/groceries compared to what I saved. I am a 100% visual creature of habit. Show me things on paper or black and white and I will clearly find the best way to make it better. 

Not much else to write today as I spent the day at home working on little projects. Plan to try to knock out some more of the simple things this week. I still do need to come back and write two business reviews about customer service. Maybe I can catch a break tomorrow. OH YES! I nearly forgot. My friend Sasha is egging me on to go Gluten Free to help my stomach issues out. I find I am having severe pain nearly as soon as I finish a meal with a carbohydrate base (pasta, pizzas, rice dishes, etc) so she suggested some quinoa and farina. They are on my shopping list for the week and I already started pinning some ideas of recipes on my Pinterest Board. under dinner or side dishes, I can't recall at the moment. 

Hope everyone else had a super relaxed yet productive day!


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