Saturday, January 12, 2013

No Perfect People Allowed

Well I have finally finished compiling my list for the year. It tops out at 70 things to focus on. Some are financial, some are fun, and some are just down right simple but listed to make sure I enjoy LIFE and myself at times. I have been working non stop this week on the financial stuff to get it all in order. Started getting the coupons ready, have my books sorted to start the reading, and of course little by little will start knocking things out. This blog is not about ME. It is about reality. The reality of life and the way things go. Nothing can be perfect. My favorite slogan from my church is "No Perfect People Allowed".

When we step out into the world to live our day to day lives we will encounter a lot of great people and a lot of not so great people. Some we will be able to touch and change their life a little bit and others we will end up just pissing off and never seeing them again. That is life. Peel off the rose colored glasses and see that we can't help everyone but we can help ourselves to be better versions of ourselves. Do you ever look back on a conversation or argument and regret things you said? Or feel really proud and boastful that you were able to be quick witted and come up with something on the fly during a conversation that made someone laugh? That is because you are not perfect. Sometimes in life you will have the right things to say. Other won't. It will spill out like word vomit producing a viral affect on the people around you. The venom comes racing through your veins so fast that everything gets blurry and heated and things just go dark in your brain but your mouth keeps moving. Sometimes this will be good. Sometimes it won't. You were made to function in a way that makes you have emotions and feelings and character.

I have a lot to say. I spend many of my days working from home and seeing how people treat each other online. I then try to step outside of the house with a pep in my step and a smile on my face. Sometimes making conversation with strangers who welcome it and other times seeing them roll their eyes thinking I must be insane to want to talk to someone who I don't know. Many times I have had my husband ask me why I try to make jokes with strangers or talk to them. It's because you can't meet people and show love to the world without doing this. Many times I go out and I don't want to be bothered, I don't want to be approached by sales people, and I definitely don't want some rude person making my day or blood pressure uncomfortable.

No one knows what type of person you are...until you open your mouth or of course write something about them. You may be outgoing or you may be shy but how you respond to others the first time you speak to them will determine how that conversation will go. Now this is not to say this is how it works all the time. You can be genuinely nice at first and turn into a wild boar who needs to be shot with a tranquilizer gun down the line. Let people see who you really are. Pull the mask off. Pull the glasses off. Yes there are bad people in the world and there are really dumb people that we can't help but run into or get stuck with them following us like little puppies thinking we want them in our lives...but be nice. As nice as you can be or as long as you can be. I will be the first to admit I have thoroughly enjoyed cutting off some friendships in the past. They made my blood boil. But only you can make that step to find out what type of people you want to be around. Just are not perfect...they are not perfect. No one is perfect.

So this will be a new journey to see if I keep up with a blog. Not only to vent and inspire but to share things that might help others feel inspired or let them get something off their chest. Therefore I have changed the name to Calla Brinly Chats Back. I will chat here about good people, naughty bad people (lol), and life. Down the road you might even find out WHY my pseudo name here is Calla Brinly. PS My name is Nichole. I am proud of my name and not ashamed to use it, I have published articles under my real name. But this Journey goes deeper than my birth name. You will see why hold tight ...because HERE WE GO!!!!!

Calla (Nichole ) :-)

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