Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012

I sit here a little after 11pm Eastern writing this blog (or at least starting it). It will probably take me a few days to finish compiling what I am about to start here. You see, years ago (2008 to be exact) I started a blog. I trashed it after awhile. I did a short two week blog while in Canada in 2010 to keep my family updated on my travels and share with them. That too got tossed out the window. I come and go as I please kind of wavering in the wind a little bit never quite cementing myself to anything long term. I tend to take those baby steps and then run off instead of making leaps and bounds. Therefore the title of this blog is to take the baby steps into my leaps and bounds and hopefully become successful with some areas of life as I move forward. I am almost 30 for crying out loud. I should start to think about how I want to spend the rest of my life and make the most of it and keep making memories that really do turn out to be memorable instead of bad life choices of mistakes that keep taunting me as I try to move forward.

So back in 2008 I had started a list of things I wanted to accomplish in a year or two (it came in at over 100 things) By March I had already defeated over 80% of the list therefore leaving me with a lackluster taste in my mouth that just had me throwing in the towel because it was no longer a challenge for me. So I am stepping up to the plate again and taking time to really decide how I want to tackle things going forward. Since then, I now went from one dog to owning three. I got married. I am in a house not living with family or bouncing around places in New Jersey. I am still trying to find what I enjoy in life work wise and am coming to terms with the fact that I am very fickle unless it has to do with working from home. So I will compile my list and keep track of it here. Another added bonus is that many of my friends always wonder how I get so much free stuff, gift cards, and money online. I will share that here piece by piece and link up things so everyone can find it in one place. If you are interested...use it...if not then ignore it.

So here we go to say peace out 2012 and pray that 2013 and the years to come start to make me feel like I am defining myself in a way I find acceptable.


1. Start a blog (Oh snap, I can cross something off!)---don't we always have to do something easy like that?
2. Nanny again, even if just one child and not a group of siblings.
3. Take a concealed weapons course.
4. Hang wedding photos up
5. Create a wedding photo album
6. Stand up for what I believe in, even if it might upset others.
7. Buy ankle heel boots
8. Have the guts to wear ankle heel boots with shorts, cute top, and accessories like I see in magazines!
9. Blog at least 2x a week unless on vacation (52 weeks= 104 blogs in year minimum)
10. Maintain an Amazon wishlist so my husband can "surprise me" and not ask for lists around the holidays or special occasions.

11. Organize my pinterest into smaller boards to find things easier.
12. Get to 3000 feedback on eBay (that is unique feedback not total)
13. Get to 200 feedback as a seller on Lista
14. Get shelves of some sort to display my Barbie collection
15. Attempt an herb garden inside or out
16. Start Christmas shopping BEFORE November this year
17. Redo the pantry and cabinets to make more functional
18. Track calories consumed for at least 30 days straight on Sparkpeople
19. Try to make creme brulee
20. Learn to make Kiss On The Lips beverage

21. Do at least one fun 5K- like Color or Glow run
22. Train Lucy to not jump and more commands
23. Learn to clip dog nails without traumatizing them or me!
24. Have a yard sale finally at this house
25. Get a bamboo plant and care for it
26. Reorganize make up in bathroom to free up counter space
27. Make a toy bin/closet type thing for dogs items to get them organized
28. Kayak
29. Sell off wedding stuff still in storage
30. Get at least (6) professional pedicures during the year

31. Get a facial at least 1x this year
32. Get a full body massage at least 2x this year
33. Track all free items earned online to share info with family and friends/blog readers
34. Finally sew up the torn dog toys that might still have life in them
35. Obtain a Michael Vincent artwork piece (even if just a print of my favorite)
36. Try six new restaurants
37. Ice skate more than once or twice this year..I used to compete for crying out loud!
38. See Symphony of Lights at Wiregrass Mall
39. Create a weekly menu to guide myself by to make dinners easier
40. Grow hair out

41. Catch up on Revenge
42. Catch up on Once Upon A Time
43. Catch up on 90210
44. Catch up on Vampire Diaries
45. Catch up on 2 Broke Girls
46. Catch up on Cougartown
47. Catch up on The Lying Game
48. Catch up on Supernatural
49. Catch up on Raising Hope
50. Catch up on Hart of Dixie

51. Clear $18,000 on eBay after fees and investments
52. Create two new recipes a month from imagination or cookbook
53. Watch 24 movies I have never seen before
54. Read 24 books
55. Pay off 2-3 credit debts
56. Redo my coupon book
57. Track all personal spending from my allowance account
58. Track all spending/bills from joint account to help drown out debt
59. Learn to play the guitar
60. Take a pole dancing class.

61. Watch an episode or two of 1600 Penn to see if I might like it
62. Start working on the children's book I had in mind
63. Catch up on Nashville
64. Attempt to call credit cards and at least ask if they will lower interest or increase limit to help ratio it.
65. Send more complimentary product emails and not just complaints

66. Start a baby hope chest (with girls and boys we can gift out things we can't use lol)
67. Schedule some ME time at least once a week (reading, bubble bath, gym)
68. Get at least 100 items up on Amazon (Mom has over 5,000 and does well)
69. Attempt to clear at least $50-$100 extra cash flow on Amazon a month (or as I figure $600-$1200yr)
70. Do not buy an item on impulse unless it is a seasonal item and less than 10 on the shelf

I think that rounds out the list for personal goals and improvement along with giving me things to help relax and enjoy myself. I of course can do more than the list but I need some structure!

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